Professional Blackjack players, the who’s who

Professional Blackjack playersBlackjack has millions of players from around the world. While the game is easy to learn and win, there are not many people who have been able to make it big in this game. Becoming a professional blackjack player takes a lot of hard work and patience. Blackjack professionals play aggressively and utilize strategies that help them improve their chances of winning. Here’s a look at some famous blackjack professionals.

Arnold snyder

Arnold Snyder is one of the very famous blackjack professionals who developed the card penetration concept. This concept basically allows players to figure out how far the dealer is into the blackjack shoe before the cards are reshuffled. In this book “The Blackjack Formula, he has shared his ideas on this concept and has also discussed some of the other brilliant concepts. Following the success of his book, he developed the Blackjack Forum which is around even today.

Edward Thorpe

Being a professor in mathematics, Edward Thorpe was able to contribute to the strategies greatly. In fact, he was the blackjack professional who created the technique of card counting. Thorpe has developed a proven technique which is based on counting cards and analyzing the face up card of the dealer to gain an edge over the dealer. By counting cards and calculating odds, it is possible to determine when to stand, hit, split or double down.

James Grosjean

Most blackjack professionals are familiar with the technique of card counting, but James Grosjean was a professional who designed a concept that gave players an even greater advantage than counting cards. In 2000, he released a book called Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. The book is one of the most sought after blackjack books by both blackjack professionals and beginners. In this book, Grosjean has covered the game of blackjack, how to beat the game, shuffle tracking and hole carding.

Ken Uston

Born as Kenneth Senzo Usui, Ken Uston was the first card counter who legally challenged the actions of the casino. He formed a team of blackjack professionals and as soon as gambling was made legal in the Atlantic City, he and his team went there and soon started to make big money. He entered a legal battle with the casino after he and his team was barred from playing in the casino over card counting. According to Uston, card counting is a skill and the verdict was in his favor. But this was of little use because although card counting was not made illegal, casinos took measures to prevent card counting.

Lawrence Revere

Lawrence Revere is quite different from most other blackjack professionals. While he has been a professional blackjack player who has counted cards and used strategies to gain an edge over the house, he has also worked as a dealer and a casino owner. Because he has been on both sides, he is very experienced and is one of the top blackjack professionals in the world. He has authored several books on blackjack and he is also considered the master of camouflage.

Max Rubin

Author, consultant, analyst and television host, Max Rubin has involvement in almost every aspect of the world of blackjack. He has authored several successful books on blackjack which cover everything from presenting yourself in a casino to winning at blackjack.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and is the author of many successful books on blackjack. Being a blackjack professional himself, Griffin has come up with theories that are still used today. He has published materials on strategies and methods that can help players beat the casinos effectively.