Blackjack stories and myths

Blackjack stories and mythsBlackjack is a very popular casino game which has been around for ages. The game has been talked about in literature and it has also been the subject of a number of movies. There are also many stories and myths associated with the game which has contributed to the glorification of the game. Blackjack stories are quite popular, but there are some blackjack myths that people really believe in although they sometimes have a downside. So let’s take a look at these popular blackjack stories and myths which refuse to die down.

Blackjack stories

The most popular blackjack story is perhaps that of Kerry Packer. There is no blackjack player or gambler who has won and lost like Kerry Packer. Legend has it that Packer made bets worth $300,000 on a single hand and whether it was a winning situation for him or a losing situation, he never sulked. He is an Australia billionaire who almost broke the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas in 1997. He had won over $30 million over a few days which resulted in the casino firing many of their employees who allowed Packer to place such huge bets. Casinos believed that it was risky to allow him to bet and every year when he visited the UK casinos, it was obvious that the casino’s revenues would be affected either negatively or positively.

Another blackjack story which became very popular was that of an obnoxious guy who was kicked out of his home by his wife. After becoming homeless, he cashed his state benefits worth $400 and went to Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas to play blackjack. He played for a week in which he won $1.3 million which he later lost. He had luck on his side for the first few days because he did not utilize basic blackjack strategy. There was not a single dealer or person he dealt with in the casino that he didn’t offend. After losing over a million dollars that he had won initially, he was escorted out of the casino. This famous story is known as “The Million Dollar Bum”.

Blackjack myths

When people come across certain blackjack myths, they are left in a dilemma about what to do and what not to do when playing. Blackjack is all about luck and skills and over the years, a number of concepts have been developed to increase chances of beating the casino. Out of these systems, there are some which works and some which do not work at all. So it is essential to avoid becoming a victim of myths that can reduce your chances of winning at blackjack. On that note, here’s a look at some blackjack myths and the reasons they are not true.

Myth 1: Blackjack is a game that is purely based on luck

This is a common myth but over the years expert players have developed strategies and tricks that can help them develop an edge over the casino. A combination of skills and luck is needed to win at blackjack.

Myth 2: You must have solid mathematical skills to win

Some people also believe that you must be very good at understanding applied mathematics to be able to count cards and do well in this game. This is just a misconception because blackjack strategy that is effective in winning does not involve solid mathematical skills.

Myth 3: Bad players at the table can ruin your chances of winning

It is just a misconception that bad decisions made by bad players have a negative effect on the order of the cards which has an impact on other player’s game. The fact however is that no one’s cards or decisions can have an effect on your decision or outcome of the game.