Blackjack Tournament Strategies / Tournament Features

Black Jack TournamentsWhen playing blackjack tournaments, it is important to have a little knowledge about the blackjack tournament strategies available to you because this is something that can help you improve your chances of winning. Given below is information on the general principles of the game along with blackjack tournament strategies that can give you an advantage over your opponents. These are simple to understand and easy to use.

To be able to take part in blackjack tournaments, you must first buy a seat. Tickets for a seat in the game can be purchased online and they can also be purchased right at the casino. For smaller blackjack tournaments, the ticket prices can range from $10 to $100 and for larger tournaments, the prices can go up to $1000. In many of these blackjack tournaments, there is a winner and few runner ups. Usually, there are 6 places with one winner and 5 runner ups, but this depends on the tournament. The prize pool is mainly collected from the tickets and entries with smaller blackjack tournaments offering around $1000 and larger ones ten or even hundred times more.

Blackjack tournaments are played with chips and players will get a selected amount that they can use during a game. Players taking part in such tournaments must plan their bankroll strategy because in tournaments, the competition is with other players as well as the dealer. Some of the important features of such tournaments include the following:

  • Rotating deal – after a hand has been played in a blackjack game, the dealer deals to the next player
  • Rotating start – the next player begins after each hand has been played to eliminate disadvantages
  • Secret bet – there are some blackjack tournaments where the final betting round is a secret which is only shown to the players after the end of the hand
  • Two players per round – if this rule is applied, two players move to the next round
  • Two players one round – in the first round only, two players can move forward


Tournament Strategies explained

Effective blackjack tournament is all about managing risks. In order to win, it is essential to risk a larger chunk of your bankroll at some point, but the key is to make this decision at a time where you can get the full value for the bet you make. You must weigh the risks against the rewards and strategize accordingly.

Since all the players are competing against one another in the tournament, the outcome for all players is generally the same on each hand. The entire table will lose if the dealer gets a blackjack. When you know the outcome is similar, it makes much sense to play your hand differently from the others on the table. Better cards in your hand can help you gain grounds and be at an advantageous position.

It is also essential to know what the correct basic strategy is for your success at a blackjack tournament. There are basic strategy charts available which can tell you what action to take in any given situation during a tournament. To do well in tournaments, you must memorize these charts so you can make the best decision whether it is stand, hit, split, double down or surrender. Tournament players are masters of basic strategy and if you want to compete with them, you must become a master yourself and this can be done by memorizing charts and perfecting skills.

Knowing how to bet is another important area of blackjack tournament strategies and also a major aspect of being successful in blackjack tournaments. To make it to the next round, you must be at the top. This means you will have to maximize your winnings and have more chips on the table than other players. Most players make this mistake of betting everything in the first round so they can double their chips. The problem is that if they lose, they are out straightaway. The bet keeps rotating from one round to the next so you must strategize in such a way that you bet slightly higher than the others so you don’t lose everything if it is a bad bet and you surpass others if it is a good one.