Blackjack terms / glossary

Blackjack terms - glossaryBlackjack is a game in which many different Blackjack terms, slangs and jargons are used by experienced players. If you are a novice player, it is helpful to understand the basic blackjack terms and phrases. This is because knowing the basic blackjack terms can help you understand what is basically going on in the game and it can also make you a knowledgeable player, especially when playing with veterans.

Given below is a list of common blackjack terms that you can expect to hear when playing in a casino. The terms have been listed in an alphabetical order.

Advantage Player – is a player who makes use of the card counting technique to gain an advantage over the house.

Anchorman – is the player who sits closest to the dealer’s right. This player has his cards dealt last in the game before the dealer.

Back Betting – is when another player bets on your hand.

Back counting – is the strategy used by a card counter in which another player stands behind the table and counts cards and then relays the results to the player.

Bankroll – the amount of money you want to gamble with.

Basic Strategy – in a game of blackjack, it is the set of plays that you must make in order to maximize your chances of winning.

Blackjack – getting a total of 21 on the first two cards. This could be an Ace paired with a 10, J, Q, or K.

Blackjack bonus – a bonus value of money given when you play for real money

Blackjack casino – Any real city casino or online casino that offers the blackjack game to guests

Burn Card – removing the first card after the deck has been shuffled and cut.

Bust – is when a player goes over 21 after taking a card.

Cage – is another name for the cashier.

Card Counting – is a technique of counting cards to determine an advantageous position so a larger bet can be placed.

Card Sharp – refers to a person who is an expert in cards.

Comps – complimentary or free gifts given to the players.

Cut Card – is a plastic card used in a casino by the player to cut a deck of cards

Dealer – the casino employee responsible for dealing and the cards and overseeing the game.

Deck – consists of 52 cards and up to 8 decks can be used in a game of blackjack.

Discard – cards which have been dealt and discarded before any shuffling takes place.

Double Down – when a player doubles the original bet based on the first two cards in hand.

Edge – statistical advantage of the casino over the player or vice versa.

Face Cards – cards with a value of ten. This includes 10, J, Q and K.

First Base – is the player who receives the cards first.

Heads Up – where only one player is playing against the dealer.

Hi Lo Count – system of card counting where negative, neutral and positive values are used to track cards.

High Roller – refers to a player who places huge bets, usually in excess of $10,000 per hand.

Hit – when a player picks another card

Hole Card – is the second card of the dealer that is placed face down.

Insurance – pays out 2:1 and is offered to the player when the first card of the dealer is an Ace.

Multi Deck – game of blackjack that is played using more than one deck of cards.

Mobile blackjack – playing blackjack on mobile, smartphone, ipad, iphone and android

Natural – used to say that you have got a blackjack.

Paint – refers to a 10-value card such as 10, J, Q or K.

Pit – area where table games can be found in the casino.

Pit Boss – is the employee of the casino responsible for managing the dealers and games in the pit.

Push – is when you tie with the dealer.

Risk of Ruin – the chance of exhausting your bankroll entirely.

Splitting Pairs – if there are two identical cards, players can choose to split the cards and create two separate hands.

Stand – an action in a game of blackjack where players don’t want to take any more cards.

Surrender – some blackjack games give this option to players where they can give up their hand and get half of their bet back.

Up Card – the card of the dealer that is exposed to the players.

Whale – means a high roller

Zen Count – a card counting system used to reduce the house edge.